Dr. Michelle Shariat-Hansen, Psy.D.

Welcome to my Practice


As a psychologist, I have always been passionate about helping my clients improve their quality of life. To facilitate this process, I provide a warm, supportive environment with respectful and non-judgmental listening to your personal concerns. My style is active and goal-oriented, meaning that I ask thought provoking questions, use encouragement and offer new perspectives and strategies. I guide clients through the challenging situations that bring them to therapy to discover solutions for healing, growth and a more balanced life.

Since everyone’s situation is unique, my treatment approach is individualized depending on your particular needs and goals. I specialize in the use of Cognitive and Behavioral methods (CBT, DBT) and Mindfulness, that are research based and have scientific support for their effectiveness. I treat a wide variety of symptoms, with advanced expertise in Anxiety Disorders (ie, Chronic Worry, Panic, OCD, Social Anxiety, Phobias/fears).

I have provided therapy for over 20 years helping clients overcome difficult challenges in a variety of settings including Psychotherapy clinics, College Counseling centers, Substance/rehab Recovery programs, Hospitals, Community mental health clinics, in addition to providing Continuing Education Trainings/Workshops for professionals. I’ve witnessed the great courage it takes to seek help, identify obstacles, and gain new perspectives to heal. I look forward to working together to uncover your unique strengths and use them on a path toward success. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to work with you or your loved ones as I view each relationship as an honor and privilege.